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Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau
C. Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 167
08025 Barcelona


I was born in Barcelona in 1985. I studied at ESDI between 2003 and 2007, at the same time I obtained a second degree from the English University of Southampton.

ModaFAd, in 2006, awards me the best collection concept and in 2009, best collection.

Thanks to my final project, I had the opportunity to attend fashion events such as Bread And Butter, 080, GENIALFASHION, Cibeles and The Brandery as a participant.

I confess to having learned a lot and it was a great motivation for me after several months of internship in Antonio Miro’s, both in the professional field as well as for personal goals (ambitions and the value of experience).

In 2008 I ventured and started to make my clothes. In 2010 I opened my first RooM store in El Born, Barcelona where I started selling my own designs and other brands.

In 2012 I start to market my collections and opened my second store, RooM, in the Galvany neighborhood.

In 2015 I opened a store carrying my own brand in Galvany and in 2017, the RooM chapter finishes and I reinterpret the store as a store of "my" essentials, producing a more casual mini collection to what I’ve been doing until now.

My clothes and collections are very faithful to the noble materials from which I have never, never separated and I believe that I never will. Thanks to them, my designs end up being very vaporous and for me the pattern is the body itself, since the dress takes on different forms according to each body and dresses, you know, once put on "things happen to them".

They are designs with will to survive, and above all I strive for a fashion with quality, affordable pieces for everyone and above all that they will be there forever – in contrast to fast-fashion - and that contributes to everyone adopting their own style.


Kintsugi is the act of repairing ceramics with gold and silver, putting the pieces back together and understanding that the piece is more beautiful after being broken. It is a Japanese philosophy that states that breakages and repairs are part of history and that these should be shown instead of hidden, to beautify the object and show its transformation.

FW17 is an intimate collection influenced by Japanese culture. It aims to show how the beauty of each woman’s “imperfections” is part of their history, their evolution and their personality and that that is what makes them beautiful and unique.

The colors use a bright palette, reminiscent of the predominant colors in old Japanese paintings.

Designer: Maria Roch

Commercial brand: MARIAROCH

Address: C/ Madrazo 54 2-5

Store address: C/Laforja 120
080021 Barcelona

T. +34 600 731 561


Mail: [email protected]