Parallel Activities

Parallel Activities

In order to commemorate the 20 editions of the fashion catwalk 080 Barcelona Fashion, under the special activities “080 Barcelona Fashion Nights”, Zalando will offer an after party on Wednesday at nightfall.
In this way, the online fashion store Zalando shows its support to Spanish designers and brands and, along with the Catalan catwalk, helps to make fashion more accessible to everyone.

The Catalan Fashion Cluster (MODACC) aims to inject more commercial potential into 080 Barcelona Fashion and this edition takes steps in that direction by transforming its Showroom of brands into a trade fair that will be set up in the Purisima Pavilion at the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site for two days, Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th of June,

Seed&Click and 080 Barcelona Fashion are proud to present the 3rd edition of 080 Investor Day.

Al Neo2 Photo Shoot Contest vuit equips formats per un estilista i un fotògraf, alumnes d’escoles d’estilisme i de fotografia de Barcelona, competeixen per realitzar el millor fotoreportatge.

The international presence in this edition come from the hand of the prestigious Italian knitwear brand Missoni. 080 Barcelona Fashion will pay tribute to Àngela Missoni, the current co-owner and creative director of the brand. A tribute which Missoni will be represented by her daughter, Margherita Maccapani Missoni , who will receive the Fashion Tribute the event renders every year to a key name in the fashion industry.

Texfor (The Confederation of the Textile Industry), is holding the 5th edition of the Texmeeting by Texfor during the 080 Barcelona Fashion show. This annual meeting of the textile industry aims to be a space for debate and solutions and to provide opportunities for networking.