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Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau
C. Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 167
08025 Barcelona


Own brand since 2004.
Has worked for the female line of Neil Barrett from 2003 to 2016.
2016: National Prize for Best Collection, 080 Barcelona Fashion.
2010: invited to the On/Off London Fashion Week.
2009: nominated for the LICC (London International Creative Competition).
2008: included in the book 100 new fashion designers (Laurence King Editions).
2007: finalist of the Mango Fashion Awards “El Botó” and finalist of the Gen Art New York Fashion Awards. Included in the book Young European Fashion Designers (Daab Editions)
2006: Barcelona Fashion award to the best professionals..
2005: Lancôme Prize as best young designer of the year, Gaudí fashion show.
Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona.


A contemporary rococo, a calculated excess, simplicity, over the top. Ornate textiles like Jacquards, upholstery like cloth and pleated fabric juxtapose smooth fabrics like lycra, modal or neoprene. Exaggerated volumes and silhouettes and body hugging lines. An over-ornamentation within a contemporary design. Modern elements such as zippers, combined with baroque trimmings. Elongated silhouettes, exaggerated pockets-symbols of masculinity; atypically placed pockets to break up and emphasize the elongated silhouettes; strapping that serve as decontextualized mounting points and visual vanishing points. Deconstruction, playing with interior and exterior,

Colors: textured blacks, grays, electric blues and whites.



Commercial brand: TXELL MIRAS

T. +34 610 422 016

Web: www.txellmiras.eu

Mail: [email protected]