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Aubergin is the brand formed in 2015 by Anna Uimonen and Nevean Holmes, who share the same philosophy of work, ambition and passion for fashion. Two different minds but with the same goal; create a brand that reflects a lifestyle, sustainable values, and designs that last through time. Through the designs, and especially the prints-of their own design-, aubergin tells a story in each collection. The collections are born out of the balance between past and present influences, creating a synergy of timeless elegance that combines minimalism, street style and the contemporary.

COLLECTION  -   Trip the light fantastic (TTLF)

"I was traveling for almost three years from October 1968 to August 1971. Starting the tour from England, crossing all of Central Europe, meeting other adventurers like me on the way, with the desire to change the world and live a spiritual and liberating experience."
The collection tells the journey of the hippie trail in the late 60s, through the eyes of aubergin.
Genderless pieces and loose silhouettes with tailored fit touches.
Mix and match
Aubergin prints of floral motifs in neutral and saturated colors. Sheer fabrics, denim, cotton, and embroidery among other things, stand out in their forthcoming collection, “Trip the light fantastic”SS19.

Designer: Nevean Holmes & Anna Uimonen
Commercial brand: AUBERGIN
T.  +34 650 507 477 & +34 622 302 868
Web www.aubergin-design.com
Mail [email protected]
Press: [email protected]