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Ester Ferrando was born in Vilanova i la Geltrú, Barcelona. From a very young age she began to develop her passion for knitwear and the crochet. After completing fashion studies at the "School of Arts and Techniques of Barcelona" (ESDI), specializing in knitwear, she graduated "With Honors in Fashion" from the prestigious Winchester School of Arts (UK).
Passionate, curious and creative, Ester began working as a practical designer on several projects, in "Pineapple Studios" London, and in "Studio Orta" Paris. Back in Barcelona, she set up her own studio / workshop where she worked for a number of prestigious firms like Josep Font, Pedro Morago and Georgina Vendrell, among others, creating prototypes and one-off production of unique and very high quality pieces. In the following years, she concentrated on the academic world, teaching Technical Design and knitwear in different fashion schools in Barcelona, an activity that she is still involved in today.
In 2012, Ester created her own firm, «ESTER FERRANDO - KNITWEAR», from her own workshop in Vilanova, focusing on knitwear and collaborating with other firms. like "Cortana".
The exquisite quality of the materials, the innovative design and the hand finishing of the pieces have been, from the beginning, one of the key points of her creations. She has presented two collections at 080 Barcelona Fashion, from where she has started selling her pieces to a number of boutiques in Germany.


I walk down the streets of Cartagena de Indias in the sunset. The colonial houses and the soft breeze send me back to the past; to a time I did not experience but which can be felt in every corner. The colors around me merge with the vegetation and I feel like I am in Paradise.
All around me, I imagine men and women dressed in greens and yellows, highlighted with some pink. Bohemian style with a romantic touch, knitwear garments with textures and jacquards reminiscent of the surrounding vegetation, imitating palm tree leaves and tropical plants.
I feel I am part of that scene, of that world of sensations, like an old-time movie star.
I do not want to wake up from this dream… but it is just another stop on my journey.

Designer: Ester Ferrando
Address: C/Llibertar, 67 Baixos
08800 Vilanova i la Geltrú - Barcelona
T. +00 34 938 152 358
M. +00 34 696936653
Web: www.esterferrando.com
Mail: [email protected]