GUILLERMINA BAEZA (080 Barcelona Fashion Beach)

Monday, 25 June, 2018 - 13:00

Club Patí Vela Barcelona
Moll de la Marina s/n, 08005 Barcelona


The designer Guillermina Baeza was born in the Spanish protectorate of Morocco. In the 60s she moved to Barcelona and the in the 70’s started her professional career that took her in the 80’s to exhibit at major European fashion shows.
Her continued presence on the catwalks has created a unique style, that underscores the tenet of the Guillermina Baeza philosophy: "Swimwear and lingerie are not mere accessories

COLLECTION-  "harmony, creativity, elegance"

The Guillermina Baeza 2019 collection is inspired by women’s art and sport.
The GB woman actively lives sport and art, thereby maintaining her balance as a women. Physical exercise and art make her feel free.
The play of light and dark, between shadow and light, is reflected in whites and blacks in swimsuits and bikinis enhancing the almost sculpted shapes of the female silhouette.
The calligraphy adorning in the garments makes them unique and connects them with the art movement.
The colors of the sea in all its shades reappear in the swimsuits.
At sunset, the oranges, wines and gold blend in perfect harmony with the environment.
"I feel free, totally at ease with myself"

Designer: Guillermina Baeza
Commercial Brand: Guillermina Baeza
Address: C/ Negrevernis 11-15
08034 Barcelona
T. +34 93 205 57 60
Mail: [email protected]