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Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau
C. Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 167
08025 Barcelona


Jaime Álvarez was born in Seville. He became interested in fashion at a young age and studied fashion at IED Madrid. He finished his studies in 2017 and presented his first complete collection within the framework of 080 Barcelona, winning the brand the National Generalitat of Catalonia Emerging Design Award.
MANS is a ready to wear firm. Classic Japanese tailoring can be seen in his collections, using techniques of the trade to express an avante garde esthetic. Our inspiration come from youth subculture. We propose a new masculinity in an interplay of elements that together create a harmonious balance. The wardrobe we offer, of basic standard garments with a strong design element will attract the confident person who likes to stand out.


For the Spring/Summer 2019 collection we moved to the Berlin of the 90s. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the city loosed its fetters reveled in a freedom whose influence is still felt the world over till today. Raves in broad daylight that went on for hours, techno music, in short, they wanted to unburden themselves of the harsh repression the city and the entire country had suffered for years.
We find a parallel in "Mans House”, the name of the firm’s new collection. It is a street tribe, a boys gang, who after years of childhood suffering, decide initiate an exercise in SELF-IMPROVEMENT that is, to transform those experiences that were so hard for them by expressing them through different disciplines like dance, fashion and music. A priori the looks are serious, sad colors that harden the person but with a critical eye and patience, reveal a boy who is delicate, concerned about his appearance and free, above all, free.

Designer: Jaime Álvarez Pérez
Commercial brand: Mans Concept & Menswear
Address: C/ Sagasta, 19, segundo exterior derecha
28004 Madrid
T. +34 647 580 398
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