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Sweet Matitos was born from the dream and lifestyle of a couple, Matías Jaramillo and Tito Maristany. Two young but experienced entrepreneurs involved in different sectors of fashion whose passion for fashion, for elegance and beauty led them to create their own brand for women.
Their knowledge of the world of fashion and Matías’ and Tito’s  (a.k.a  Matitos) love for life, family, nature and work is reflected in every detail of the birth of the collection and the Sweet Matitos woman.
Sweet Matitos represents a woman with class, authentic, feminine, sensitive, free and a luxury lover in its broadest possible meaning.


Inspired by the glamor and luxury of the 50's in the French Riviera. A tribute to Grace Kelly's To catch a thief.
Spring is here, the sun begins to nurture nature in the return of the most magical season of the year. The light, the water and the energy of this moment will accompany us until the end of summer. This is going to be a summer of glamor, luxury, romanticism, parties ... a summer the Sweet Matitos woman, who never neglects her femininity, good taste and love of life and traditions, is prepared for ... this year we will live "La Riviera".
Anchor off Cannes
Our trip will begin on the coast. Crystalline waters, paradisiacal creeks, impossible corners and the pleasure the luxury that enjoying everything from the sea is. Intense dark blue, penetrate terra firma impregnating everything.
White in different fabrics, silk, lyocell and modal, always smooth as the breeze combines with blue hues, embodied in different elements. Flowers, waves and umbrellas cover the beautiful beaches of the French Riviera.
Strolling around Tourretes
After enjoying a summer morning, and the blue of crystal clear waters, the afternoon appears calm. Tourretes provides the ideal landscape for our woman. The contrast of rugged stone with the delicacy of flowers and their colors is evident in this line, with the combination of different textures and fabrics. Linens, silks and cotton hand in hand to embrace this charming little village while an orange sunset bathes the streets and its people. Romanticism and color overwhelm us in the moment.
Monte Carlo
Night falls and we are off to Imperial Monaco. Fiesta, luxury, gold, mansions and palaces ... it is time to fuse with the cream, gold and red that define this city. The architecture is reflected in the vertical elegant lines of its endless colonnades. Golden fabrics remind us that we are in the cradle of kings. This season the parties, events and dances will be dressed in Sweet Matitos.

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