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Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau
C. Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 167
08025 Barcelona


Brain&Beast was born in Barcelona in 2010 at the hands of Ángel Vilda. His garments are proposed as games, puzzles, apparently structurally simple hieroglyphics which correspond to complex equations in which color and material form parts of codes in which nothing is random. Brain&Beast proposes mixing garments which combine emotion and reason, with a very strong influence from contemporary culture without leaving out oodles of sophistication and a serious sense of humor.


More and more psychologists have started to consider that the real aim (perhaps unconsciously) of rituals is to make us feel calmer and more confident, since they increase the perception of control over our environment. A "ritual" refers to a series of actions performed primarily for their symbolic value, sometimes for no apparent reason or purpose. However, following this small sequence of symbolic actions just before facing a stressful situation, and beyond Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), provides individuals with some of the safety and well-being needed "the first few times" or "premieres." Unlike habit, rites are not about what we do, but how we do things ... This case is "a first time", the premiere of a new story that refers to those first times or important occasions that have to be faced; abysses, circumstances or important days in life, when one dresses in a special and "ritualised" way. Brain&Beast suggests (in addition to its "prêt-à-porter" range) a division of garments, where fantasy is the common ground with a clear "almost" exclusive vocation; what you want to wear and may, perhaps, only be worn at specific times. It is clothing that, therapeutically, endows the wearer with the halo of confidence and transgression that allows facing facts to turn into memories through rituals. / P R E M I È R E / itself is a ritual and is conceived in its presentation as a sophisticated set of highly symbolic images, like frozen fragments of the most important chapters within a personal diary. It is not only about what you wear, but also about how and where you do so and, above all, how you like to remember it.

Designer: Ángel Vilda
Commercial brand: BRAIN & BEAST
T. +0034 687 874 746 / 0034 687 874 749
Mail: [email protected]
Address: Paseo Picasso 24, Ppal. 4ª. 08003 Barcelona. 0034.687874749/6
Contact: Ezequiel Carril [email protected]