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Marina Vela
Passeig Joan de Borbó 103


The designer Guillermina Baeza was born in the Spanish protectorate in Morocco. In the 60s, she moved to Barcelona and, in the 70s, she started her professional career, which led her, in the 80s, to take part in the main European fashion shows. Her ongoing presence on the catwalks has established a style of her own, which underpins the premise of Guillermina Baeza’s philosophy: "Swimwear and lingerie are not mere accessories."

COLLECTION - The past is not gone

Dreaming of wonderful times during the iconic 90s. With bold women, full of energy, reflected and expressed with colourful Lurex and dream prints ... A decade in which the fashion world surrendered to the "top models", their sensuality and curves wrapped in transparent sequins, and to the most important photographers of that time. The Barcelona that woke up in the year 92 and never fell asleep again, that glow that arose in the city, which we related to metallic smooth fabrics, thus expressing the light our city reflects. Guillermina hints at her most emblematic garments, in addition to new forms of trimmings with the brand initials, to provide them with a classic, yet contemporary touch, while empowering women with swimsuits and bikinis for them to feel free, slender and comfortable. The generation of the 90s is still going strong and will not renounce its femininity and freedom, even on the seashore.

Designer: Guillermina Baeza
Commercial brand: Guillermina Baeza
Address: C/ Negrevernis 11-15 Local B. 08034 Barcelona
T. +34 93 205 57 60
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Instagram: @guillerminabaeza_bcn