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5 Feb 2019 - 00:00

Within the second day of shows of the 080 Barcelona Fashion, the Catalan Minister of Business and Knowledge Àngels Chacón has announced the creation of the Fashion Acceleration Plan boosted by the Department of Business and Knowledge, through the Trade, Craftsmanship and Fashion Consortium, which will be developed along with the sector and implemented by year 2020.

Currently, it is already in the works, taking into account the strenghts of the sector in Catalonia, like the existence of a fashion ecosystem featuring many parts of the value chain, the flexibility and capacity of change of the Catalan fashion companies and the city of Barcelona as a pole of attraction for foreign investment and establishment of start-ups.
As for the goals of this plan, we find the improvement of the reshaping of business companies, a boost in the ties between design-production-distribution, a bigger international exposure as well as an improvement in the business digitalisation.
The Fashion Acceleration Plan is also based on the current opportunities for the sector as the great positioning of Barcelona as a creative and design hub as well as its recognition as a strong international brand –aspects in which the 080 contributes edition after edition-; as well as the difference between the product and the company through design, the existence in Catalonia of strong driving companies known internationally and the existence of textile industry.
It’s a crosscutting plan aimed at a wide business target: from the emerging designer and entrepreneur to established well-known brands. Hence, the strategies are aimed at the following publics: brand-channels (or fast retailers), brand-products (manufacturers, with own channel combined with multibrand), established designers and emerging creators.
The plan’s strategic core ideas are the internationalization, the launch to market, the fash tech, and sustainability, and brings together actions and projects already taken, balances other initiatives and will include new ones. This acceleration plan will be developed along with the sector, within a public-private collaboration framework.

With this initiative, the main goal of the Department is to draw a three-year roadmap for the fashion sector (2020-2023) with the aim of strengthening it, both in an industry and creative point of view.
Regarding the 080 Barcelona Fashion, the Minister Àngels Chacón has visited today the 080 Fashion Showroom, the trade and business area of the event, which is expected to welcome over a hundred buyers, 30% of whom international. In this edition, the organization has striven to attract buyers from online platforms, as it’s a growing channel that currently concentrates 6% of the national sales whereas it represents the 20% in Germany and the 15% in France and the United Kingdom.
Minister Chacón and the president of the Catalan Textile Cluster Modacc, Pep Generó, have signed the agreement to repeat the showroom in the upcoming 080 edition and strengthen the collaborative work of both organizations. The showroom generates 2 M trade volume in each edition. Since the beginning of this initiative (January 2016), it has reached the total of 12 M euro.
Twenty Catalan brands participate in this winter edition of the 080 Fashion Showoom, all of which offering womenswear and accessories. We find some that are also present on the catwalk like Sita Murt, Lola Casademunt, Naulover, Escorpion Studio Barcelona and the newcomer Teoh&Lea, as well as other like Munich and Skunk Funk and emerging ones like Designers Society, amt, Nou Moscada, Nuria Serra and Vaufoulot, among others.
The 080 Fashion Showroom celebrates its 7th edition established as the trade area of the Catalan Fashion Week, a useful and effective trade show to close commercial agreements in situ, because it “makes internationalization easier”, according to the participant brands.