080 Activitats
27 Jun 2018 - 00:00

The first four-month period of 2018, the companies of the Catalan textile sector exported 1,590.2 million euro, which means an increase of 1.3% compared to the same period last year. It is one of the figures revealed today by the Catalan minister of Business and Knowledge, Àngels Chacón, within the opening of the 080 Fashion Showroom, the trade fair organised by the Generalitat, through the Trade, Crafts and Fashion Consortium (CCAM) and the Catalan Textile Cluster (MODACC), to promote the internationalization of Catalan fashion.
The good evolution of the exterior market for the Catalan textile industry has resulted in a new agreement of collaboration between the two institutions. The minister and the president of MODACC, Lluís Costa, have signed a new partnership agreement. In the official opening, Àngels Chacón has highlighted that “the latest figures of exports are positive and show a growth, which encourages the organization of initiatives like this one that allow Catalan fashion companies to reach new markets”. The minister has pointed out that “the 080 Barcelona Fashion catwalk is a key that opens many doors and serves companies of the sector to open new markets”.
On his side, Lluís Costa has emphasised that “the 080 Barcelona Fashion and this showroom are two powerful and necessary tools to boost the internationalization of Catalan SMEs of the fashion sector”. As for the challenges of the future, he has said that we must “focus on the efforts of internationalization by reaching markets like the Asian and boosting the digital transformation”.
This good evolution continues the great performance of the sector in 2017. Last year, the textile exporting companies reached 4,885.7 million euro, which is a rise of 5.4% from the previous year. A record figure that means that the textile exports suppose 6.9% of the total of international sales. Compared to the rest of the Spain, Catalan exports represent near the 30% of the total, putting Catalonia as the main exporting driving force of the country. The activity is mainly concentred in Barcelona area, with 91%, though it’s important to point out the rise of exports in Girona (+27.3%) and Lleida (+12.3%). Regarding the markets, the countries of the European Union are once again the most important, with France as the leader with 17.8% of the exporting activity, followed by Italy (12.3%), portugal (7.2%) and Germany (7%). Morocco, with 5.6%, is the main market outside the EU.
As for the 6th edition of the 080 Fashion Showroom, that takes places today and tomorrow at the Sant Pau Modernist Enclosure, there are 280 commercials interaction estemeed. It’s remarkable the presence of buyers from the United States (USA), as they lead the commercial mission formed by thirty buyers, that also come from other countries like Australia, United Kingdom, Japan and Russia.
Them, along with the fifty buyers brom Catalonia and Spain that have registered to attend the fair, will be able to discover and buy the collection of the participating brands and designers, many of whom also present on the 080 Barcelona Fashion catwalk, like amt., Escorpion, Ester Ferrando Knitwear, Naulover, Sweet Matitos, TCN and Maite by Lola Casademunt. The rest of brands of womenswear and accessories that take part in this sixth edition are: Sita Murt, Designers Society, Mikimoto, Munich, Guitare, Anna Mora/Brunella, Agnes Sunyer, Magan, Nuria Serra, Simorra, Vialis, GANSO&CO, Sister Dew, Teoh&Lea, and Divas.