080 Activitats
30 Jan 2018 - 00:00

The 5th edition of the 080 Barcelona Fashion Showroom, the trade fair of the 080 Barcelona Fashion catwalk promoted by the Generalitat of Catalonia and the Catalan Fashion Textile Cluster MODACC, opened this noon. Within the opening, we have learned that this initiative generates around 2 million euro of business, between direct sales, orders and distribution agreements, by the 20 Catalan fashion brands that take part in it.
The Secretary of Business and Knowledge, Joan Aregio, has chaired the official opening, along with the president of the Catalan Textile Cluster MODACC and Chief Executive Officer of Guasch, Lluís Costaa. Aregio has pointed out that "the modern economy is based on the keys of innovation and internationalization. The fashion industry already has innovation in its DNA and the ability of the companies in the sector to expand globally is becoming more and more obvious”. Moreover, he has added that "the export figures are well known and they break records year after year". In his turn, Lluís Costa has explained that “the key to the success of the showroom is public-private collaboration” and concluded that "if the forecasts are met, we can say that the 080 Barcelona Fashion Showroom will have generated a turnover of 10 million euros since it was launched".
Regarding the twenty brands of this 5th edition,  they value their participation in the 080 Barcelona Fashion Showroom very positively, since it allows them to interview operators with a great deal of decision-making power in international purchases. In the editions held to date, more than 80 international buyers have visited the 080 Barcelona Fashion Showroom, from countries such as Germany, Austria, Canada, Chile, Peru, Colombia, South Korea, Japan, France, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Mexico, United Kingdom, United States, China, Russia, Qatar, Dubai and Poland among others, and close to a hundred Catalan companies have participated as exhibitors in the showroom. In total, more than a thousand commercial interactions were generated.
With the experience to date, this 5th edition of the 080 Barcelona Fashion Showroom has opted to specialize in high-end women’s fashion and accessories for autumn-winter 2018-19. Today and tomorrow the showroom visitors will be able to discover the collections of twenty Catalab fashion brands that have the capacity to do business globally, some of which are parading at the 080 catwalk lile Escorpion, Naulover, Lola Casademunt, Sweet Matitos, Amt. and Ester Ferrando Knitwear. Firms like Sita Murt, TCN, Diktons, Designers Society, Teoh & Lea, Divas, Anna Mora / Brunella, Magan, Victoria Barrueco, Marta Huerta, Guitare, Ölend, Stone and Dumanto will also be present in the showroom.
The Catalan textile-fashion exports rise by 6% from January to November 2017 compared to the same period of the precedent year. In total, the business generated amounts to 4,533.1 million euros; a figure that demonstrates the good health of Catalan exterior trade, also in fashion-textile, and the importance of promoting initiatives like 080 Barcelona Fashion Showroom.