Catalan design in the new swimsuits for the Synchronized Swimming Team

30 Jul 2014 - 00:00

The School of Design ESDi has designed three different models of swimsuits, which are to be worn by the members of the National Synchronized Swimming Team at the European Championship in Berlin, taking place from the 18th to 24th of August.


The project has been carried out by the Trends and Fashion Unit of ESDi with the collaboration of the sportswoman and student of Fashion at ESDI Ona Carbonell, main member of the synchronized swimming team. The team was coordinated by Professor Cristina Real, and the swimwear has been made by the dressmaker and teacher at ESDI Merche Jordan.


The first of the swimsuits, for the group choreography, is inspired by the film ‘Tron’ and features a cap that is part of the suit. The second, for Ona Carbonell’s individual routine, is based on the wedding gowns and the Russian ballets. Its main characteristic is its backless cut. The third, for the duo made up of Paula Klanburg and Ona Carbonell, is inspired by Salvador Dalí’s work ‘The Persistence of Memory’, as the music of the routine is to be ‘Time’, by Pink Floyd. 


The designing process has lasted around four months and has taken into consideration the technic, ergonomic, anatomic and aesthetic aspects of swimming. These are essential elements for the creation of competition swimsuits, especially important for the judges and the public to observe appropriately the movements and figures of the choreographies.