29 May 2019 - 00:00

24 fashion designers and brands for the 24th edition of the 080 Barcelona Fashion catwalk, which will take place at the Sant Pau Art Nouveu Site from June 25 to 28. It has been announced today by the organization of this event boosted by the Government of Catalonia through the Trade, Craftsmanship and Fashion Consortium (CCAM), while waiting to know the final schedule of fashion shows in the coming days.
For now, the Catalan fashion runway will host the shows of the following designers and brands: Agnés Sunyer; All Sisters; All That She Loves; Antonio Miro; Aubergin; Brain&Beast; Como un Pez en el Agua; Custo Barcelona; Escorpion Studio Barcelona; Eñaut; Guillermina Baeza; Killing Weekend; Krizia Robustella; Laura Vecino; Lebor Gabala; Maite by Lola Casademunt; Mans Concept Menswear; Menchén Tomàs; Narbon; Naulover; Oscarleon; Sonia Carrasco; Teoh & Lea; and Txell Miras. 
Once more, the catwalk will have long-tradition well-known names like Naulover; Maite by Lola Casademunt with her trendy designs for woman and Escorpion Studio Barcelona with her versatile and elegant fashion.
As usual, the 080 will welcome new names that make their debut on the runway like designer Sonia Carrasco, with her minimal, modern and sustainable fashion; Narbon, a demi-couture and fair-fashion brand; and emerging designer Eñaut.
Swimwear will also be present, as always in the summer editions of the 080, with different proposals, some of which well-known on the runway while others walking for the first time. Usual names of the 080 like Guillermina Baeza and Como un Pez en el Agua will be joined by All Sisters, a sustainable swimwear brand of international projection and partner with Victoria’s Secret; designer Laura Vecino, who will make her debut on the runway with her first beachwear collection; and All That She Loves, a brand with the style of the Costa Brava. Following last year success, the swimwear fashion shows will take place in another location in Barcelona different to the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site.
The 24th edition will welcome back the winners of the last winter edition, who will present their new collections. Once again, we will enjoy the creativity and style of the prât-à-porter and tailoring study Mans Concept Menswear –winner in the Emerging Design category three times in a row- and the elegance of the iconic brand Antonio Miro, winner of the Best Collection Award for “Rock”.
Other familiar names that will be back on the Catalan runway this summer will be Menchén Tomàs, with its chic prêt-à-porter for woman; independent designer Krizia Robustella and her sport deluxe for men and women; Agnés Sunyer with her feminine and urban womenswear; Aubergin with their designs that mix ethics, sustainability and craftsmanship; and the casual chic fashion brand Teoh & Lea.
Independent fashion will also be part of the fashion shows’ schedule through established names in the 080 like Oscarleon and Txell Miras alongside new talents like Killing Weekend.
In addition, the international brand Custo Barcelona won’t miss this summer 2019 edition with its collections for men and women, neither Brain & Beast, which will deliver an unexpected fashion show to leave us in awe. In a different style, Lebor Gabala will also be part of the calendar with its personal take on womenswear, with knitwear as the main element.
Another edition, the Business and Knowledge Department, through the Trade, Craftsmanship and Fashion Consortium (CCAM) boosts the 080 Barcelona Fashion to highlight the value of two important actives: on the one hand, the tradition of textile industry in Catalonia; and, on the other, the prestige of Catalonia, and especially Barcelona, as a pole for talent in design and fashion.
In parallel, the 080 Barcelona Fashion seeks to promote the culture of fashion and its connection with other cultural and creative industries and bring the world of fashion closer to the citizens.