12 Jan 2019 - 00:00

Optimistic, animating, vigorous, life-affirming. These are some of the characteristics of the new Pantone Color of the Year 2019: Living Coral or Pantone 16-1546, a lively hue with a golden undertone with which the world’s color authority brings light and optimism to these rupture times we are living in, following the lead of last year’s Pantone Ultra violet. In a time where technology and social media alienate us, Pantone chooses a warm color that speaks of intimacy and, in addition, brings on a more literal sense as it reminds us of the Australian coral reefs, currently in danger due to human action on the environment.

Energizing yet mellow, Living Coral is on trend in 2019 as many fashion designers and brands showed at last 080 Barcelona Fashion edition, showcasing the collections for spring-summer 2019. It’s astonishing the many different styles that play with Pantone’s 2019 color. In its most orange version, Antonio Miro applies it in one of his men’s impeccable tailored trousers combined with neutral hues –a winner look-; amt. uses it in its minimal fashion and Aubergin is more daring and combines it with blue.

More extreme is the proposal by swimwear brand Red Point, which introduces in its boldest look featuring a XL pamela hat à la Jacquemus in this color. It isn’t the only beachwear brand to use Living Coral: Guillermina Baeza also dyes its sexy swimsuits and bikinis in the trend color, so flattering on a tanned skin; while Naulover softens it in a tropical print.

One can tell that Living Color is Pantone’s Color of the Year when both independent designers and more commercial brands introduce it in their collections. The winner of the 080 Award to Emerging Design two times in a row Mans Concept Menswear presents it in an original masculine top that is a key piece of his spring-summer 2019 collection. Brain & Beast declines it in different coral and pink hues and Maite by Lola Casademunt is one of the brands that more uses this color, although in its own personal way, applying to its characteristic animal print.