080 Barcelona Fashion in the new fashion store NU#02

11 Mar 2016 - 00:00

Within the 080 Barcelona Fashion 17th edition, which took place last February, there was the opening of the new Catalan fashion store founded by three designers with a long-lasting relationship with the Catalan scene: Miriam Ponsa, Josep Abril and Txell Miras, winner of the Best Collection Award with her proposal for next autumn-winter 2016-17. By the name NU#02, it’s located in Valencia Street and presents itself as the second store that these three creators share together, another proof of the many things they have in common after their first adventure in Paris. Following the steps of that first #PROJECTE01 that brought Catalan fashion to the City of Light, in NU#02 they sale their collections complete so as that the client can discover the collection as a whole, as it’s conceived.
In the entrance, there are some designs by Miriam Ponsa and, on the other side, there are those by Josep Abril, showing in the first place that here one can find options for both men and women. Throughout the rest of the space there are the other collections on display, always ranged by designer although the three share similar styles so there’s coherence in the store and the designs can be mixed together despite the name on the label. This style also reflects on the interior design of the shop with its unfinished look, brick walls and industrial touches; it goes really well with the slow-fashion that these three designers conceive. As they explained in our blog, the aim of the project is to bring other Catalan brands from other design disciplines like footwear, decoration and books. In the next weeks they’ll start introducing them so as that in April NU#02 turns into the ultimate Catalan fashion mecca with all the collections in store.
C/ Valencia, 229. Barcelona