080 Interview: Josep Abril

16 Apr 2014 - 00:00


Unconventional, restless and delicate. Josep Abril is one of the veterans in fashion design in Barcelona and one of the exponents that promotes the authenticity of the Catalan fashion creating -from his studio- clothing with his own label. The designer staunchly defends his job and recognizes that he “enjoys more the creative process of each collection beyond the final result".



Last January, Josep Abril won the 080 Barcelona Fashion Award for best Fall-Winter 2014/2015 collection. This is the first award received after his prolonged involvement in the Catalan catwalk and represents recognition of his career in a solid proposal that exudes creativity and commerciality equally.


In 'Reflections', Josep Abril, returns to the false austerity that exudes his versatile designs through coats, pants, jackets and dungarees of unstructured patterns. Stresses the experimentation on fabrics, the overlapping on clothes and a color gamut that goes from the traditional black to the dark blue and gray. In fact, do not expect to follow the latest trends with Josep Abril he is not governed by this criterion. He cares for another more relevant thing: "get men to dress for pleasure, without fashion’s pressure and beyond the basic need". A declaration of principles.



Discover more details of the Barcelona’s fashion creator in the new interview at 080 TV Channel.
080 Interview: Josep Abril