50 years of Yerse represented in a special collection

6 Nov 2014 - 00:00
Yerse. 'Special Edition'

The firm Yerse, assiduous at the 080 Barcelona Fashion, has launched a special collection on the occasion of its 50th anniversary. The new proposal reflects the brand spirit of yesterday and today of the Generó family and it’s a tribute to the history of the traditional textile Brand from Sabadell.

Twenty items make up the new collection 'Special Edition' which is characterized by its simplicity, minimalism and comfort in versatile casual 'deluxe' silhouettes. The pattern also reflects the spirit of 'less is more', in the flowing dresses in crepé fabrics that come in a monochrome range: black, cobalt blue or red. Micro-prints, metallic fabrics and bright flashes are also mixed to give a spotlight to the collection. The collection mixes the feminine-masculine codes, the latter present in court capri pants, sweaters and straight cut dresses.


The new collection is now on sale.


Yerse. Colección 'Special Edition'