Catalan Fashion captivates the Mexican market

10 Oct 2014 - 00:00
Sita Murt. Spring-Summer 2015
The Minister for Enterprise and Employment, Felip Puig, along with representatives of companies and Catalan fashion designers has held during this week in Mexico, several meetings with potential buyers in the country. 


The Catalan delegation –integrated of representatives of Fashion and Textile Cluster of Catalonia, companies like Carlomango, Promise, Anna Mora i  Brunella, Ritex 2002, Smash, Veneno en la Piel and Zdzero Defects and the firms linked to the 080 Barcelona Fashion: Sita Murt, Torras and Condor- met with representatives of the major chains and malls of the Latin American country, including the Palacio del Hierro, Liverpool, Sears and American chain of department stores Saks, with presence in Mexico. 


They have also been in contact with groups of importers and distributors, manufacturers and specialty stores. According to the Consorci de Comerç, Artesania i Moda (CCAM), Miquel Rodriguez, "the results are very satisfactory, operators are very interested." Before finalizing the business mission, several commercial agreements have already been closed with Liverpool, Palacio del Hierro and Sears.


On the other hand, contacts with the representatives of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Mexico have been made to work on a possible co-operation as part of the 080 Barcelona Fashion Week. Rodriguez explained that "we are studying the possibility of cooperation and exchange between the two catwalks”.

Mexican market opportunities for the Catalan fashion 

Among the attractions of Mexico's textile-fashion sector is the fact that it represents a market of over 100 million people, with similarity of habits, a very positive perception of companies and national products and with presence already established of the Catalan companies in the country. 


Currently, Mexico is now one of the leading exporters for Catalonia markets in Latin America: in 2012, 31.31% of the total Spanish exports to Mexico came from Catalonia. In particular, in the field of bridal fashion, 2013 Mexico has been the main market of Catalan exports sector in the Americas, with 2.4% of the total sales of Catalan Bridal fashion.