3 Jul 2015 - 00:00

15 editions has the fashion designer Celia Vela taken part in the 080 Barcelona Fashion. And finally today she has been rewarded for her outstanding career with the Best Collection Award, a novelty from this 16th edition born with the aim of recognizing those designers established in Catalonia or Spain, with a turnover of more than 50.000 and less than 2 millions of euros or with 4 collections distributed. With a new love story as the starting point of her collection, Celia Vela has convinced the jury chaired by Charlotte Fortunet, in charge of the fair department and who has worked in professional meetings like Who’s Next. “It’s the first time I’m awarded at 080 Barcelona Fashion and I didn’t expect it at all” has said the designer who regards her experience throughout the years at this fashion show as “very positive”. “My collection have been growing like the 080 and I think this award is not only for this last collection but all the different ones I’ve shown here” she has reflected on.
On the other side, the newcomers CARLOTAOMS have won the Generalitat of Catalonia National Award to Emerging Talent with an enthusiastic ovation from the crowd attending the ceremony at the Lluis Companys Stadium. Elisabet Carlota and Elisenda Oms have stood out thanks to their collection “Allegory” from which the jury has highlighted “the manipulation and creation of fabrics and the international projection”. This is the second collection of this tandem of designers who met at Felicidad Duce School and since then have worked together. They presented their first line to the 080 organization and despite not being selected, they did have the chance to take part in a Shopping Night initiative thanks to the organization and now, with their second collection, they have won the prize. It’s not surprising then that Elisenda Carlota acknowledges that “080 has given us a hand from the very beginning” while she recognizes that it’s a “very important platform to keep the brand growing as it opens many doors to the distribution”. “We didn’t expect to win, there is a lot of talent here!” has explained Elisenda Oms who, as Carlota, knows which her main objective of having her fashion line is: “To be able to live doing what we love, we have passion for fashion”.