Colmillo de Morsa wins Dedal de Oro

13 Jun 2014 - 00:00
Colmillo de Morsa are Elisabet Vallecillo and Javier Blanco

The design 'made in Barcelona' gets a new distinction. This time, the deservers of the award have been the Catalan designers, Elisabet Vallecillo and Javier Blanco, recognized by their brand Colmillo de Morsa. The designers have received the award Dedal de Oro in recognition of their brand, to the good welcome they have had on the world of fashion and the great success they have achieved in their short career.

The award ceremony will take place at the V Edition of the Dedales de Oro to be held this afternoon at the Westin Palace Hotel in Madrid. These awards are one of the references of all the fashion awards that are handed in Spain and are aimed at professionals in the fashion in order to encourage careers that feed the fashion sector. In the case of Colmillo de Morsa’s designers, the award has wanted to honour creativity and commerciality of clothing that make this pair of young talents.