Design is design

30 Oct 2014 - 00:00

The design is sought, is found and forms powerful alliances for the benefit of the Barcelona brand. The last union has taken place between the complements firm Tuset & Riera and the urban shoes firm BCN Brand -brand assiduous at 080 Barcelona Fashion-. The specification? In the new store that the complements firm has opened in the Centre Comercial Maremàgnum. Therefore, in this space both brands will be marketed, offering a wide range of high quality accessories for men and women by dressing head to toe. 


The two brands have much in common, beyond their Barcelona origin. Both offer craft, quality and perfect finish products, prioritizing comfort without sacrificing current trends with 'look's that leave no one indifferent. 


Tuset & Riera complements and BCN Brand sneakers will be sold exclusively in this new space.