Designer Pablo Erroz nominated to the International Woolmark Prize

26 Apr 2016 - 00:00

It seems that this 2016 is the year of Pablo Erroz. Apart from continuing with his eponymous fashion brand, which is present in the 080 Barcelona Fashion catwalk since its beginnings and after being appointed as creative director of a major national fashion brand, now he’s got a new recognition: He’s one of the 20 European finalists to the prestigious International Woolmark Prize in its 2016-17 edition.
Pablo Erroz has been selected in the men’s ready-to-wear category among nine other nominees: Brachmann (Germany), Devon Halfnight LeFlufy (Belgium), Tonsure (Denmark), Matières Paris (France), Luca Larenza (Italy), Mareunrol’s (Latvia), Evan Menswear (Netherlands), Mirka Horká (Czech Republic) and Benan Bal (Turkey). Another Spanish designer, Leandro Cano, stands out in the women’s category, where he will have to compete with Tim Labenda (Germany), Roshi Porkar (Austria), Kimstumpf (Belgium), Nicholas Nybro (Denmark), Etienne Deroeux (France), Giuseppe di Morabito (Italy), Peet Dullaert (Netherlands), Cockerel (Czech Republic) and Gülçin Çengel (Turkey). 
In total, twenty young designers will face each other at the European final which will take place on June 28th in Milan, one of the fashion’s capitals in Europe. There, each of them will present a look made in merino wool and, also, the development of a creative concept in six different pieces to convince the jury of their talent and projection. From this competition, the European finalists will be chosen to take part in the International Woolmark Prize, where they will have to present a more complete collection to win. This award is one of the most important in emerging design. Born in 1954, it’s been famous since its origins as in the first edition the winners were two young designers who later became two fashion myths: Karl Lagerfeld and Yves Saint Laurent.