Desigual's love finishes off the second day of the 080

29 Jan 2013 - 00:00
Desigual's love finishes off the second day of the 080

The collection We Love by Desigual has rounded off the catwalk after the second day of 080 Barcelona Fashion. The Catalan firm made a declaration of femininity and love for women, offering a show full of colourful, comfortable and design garments.


11a edició 080 Barcelona Fashion- Desfilada Desigual


Sur, Justicia Ruano, Brain&Breast, TCN, Manuel Bolaño, Josep Abril and Celia Vela

The show chosen to kick off the day’s proceedings was from designer Laura Figueras with her firm Sur. In a collection entitled Okinawa, her designs for the next season have been inspired by the south of Japan, specifically the island of Okinawa and the magic of the photographs by Tim Walker. In their collection, Sur have introduced fur, in order to enrich the garments and accentuate their luxury focusing on the modern woman.

The designer Justicia Ruano, meanwhile, unveiled a collection which once more took as a leit motif the counterpointing of ideas; in this case “neo-futurism” and opulence, which give rise to a name to the resulting creation. As a result, she showed refined designs of soft and richly adorned lines which make one dream of the elegance of times gone by.

Using the title “Décalogue. Part V <EROTIC>”, the creators Ángel Vilda, César Olivar and Verònica Raposo, unleashed the Brain&Beast collection. Their garments unveiled as guessing-games, puzzles of apparent structural simplicity, that respond to complex geometric equations in which both color and material form a part of some codes where nothing is there by chance. With supreme wordplay, the title of the collection picks out the first letters of the Catalan words for ’“Exciting, Bizarre, Obscure, Tempting, Implausible and Chic”, to spell out the word EROTIC.


11th edition 080 Barcelona Fashion- Desigual Catwalk


TCN closed the morning session with a collection for Fall–Winter 2013-2014 going back to the roots of the brand with regards to the quest for essence. The creative Totón Comella showcased a collection where, in the color scheme of the items, strong touches of color stood out over a chromatic base of grey, chocolate and sea-blue.

The designer Manuel Bolaño reopened the catwalk for the afternoon session unveiling his latest collection: Dreams from a journey. The creator drew inspiration on this occasion on a “glacial journey to the color of a sad day, to a small ice-age, where nothing can be felt, where the cold is the only consolation on offer” in order to unveil his ideas for man and woman Fall – Winter 2013-2014.

The catwalk additionally played host to Josep Abril and his new collection “AW#2013/14N32- Redemption, from the ashes is born what is new”, the designer’s inspiration for the next season. Faithful to his style, the creator conceives for Fall – Winter 2013–2014 a futurist man who is at the same time romantic, throwing his all behind noble fabrics, for grey in every conceivable version, for lead blue, overalls and shirt – tunic as fetish garments.

Turning our attention to Celia Vela, she showed her collection Millefeuille, a uniquely descriptive title for a collection which clearly looks to superimpose garments that envelop the female figure – and also the male – with layers of cloth with diverse fabrics and textures, with the delicate and romantic seal of their designer.

Today is the turn for the fashion shows of Katarina Grey, Jan Iú Més for Punto Blanco, Who, Miriam Ponsa, Alexis Reyna, Zazo&Brull, Juan Pedro López, Schipper /Arques and Custo Barcelona.