Desigual's new global headquarters

13 Jun 2013 - 00:00
Desigual's new global headquarters
Desigual open today their new global headquarters in Barcelona. It is a 24,400 square meter building designed by architect Ricardo Bofill. Located on the Mare Nostrum Street, in front of the Vela Hotel (W), it will gather 1,000 workers. The new Desigual's corporate headquarters is distributed in six open-space floors and it also incorporates a shop of the same firm on the ground floor. The building, which has just been inaugurated, will replace the other two that hosted the corporate structure of the Catalan fashion company until now, which were located on Casp Street (the centre of design) and Bruc Street, both in Barcelona.


The formal act of inauguration counted with the presence of Artur Mas, President of the Generalitat (the Parliament of Catalonia), Thomas Meyer, founder and president of Desigual, and the mayor of Barcelona, Xavier Trias.


The Catalan multinational has currently more than 3,500 staff and is operational in a hundred of countries, with almost 300 own brands in the world. Desigual have also presence in more than 7,000 stores and 1,800 corners in shopping centres.