Fashion farewell to the great master Pertegaz

31 Aug 2014 - 00:00
Manuel Pertegaz

The fashion world has been dyed mourning the death of Manuel Aragon Pertegaz designer in Barcelona at age 96. The funeral took place this morning in the neighbourhood of Sant Gervasi in an open meeting for everyone to say farewell to the celebrated couturier. The industry remembers him as the master of haute couture as an innovator and pioneer, an energetic man, perfectionist and connoisseur of art. In fact, the death of Manuel Pertegaz involves the disappearance of one of the greatest exponents of Spanish culture, a creator of international prestige and a landmark for generations of designers who saw and see a source of inspiration in him. 


One of the great masters of the needle 

Manuel Pertegaz was born in Olba (Teruel) in 1918 and since age 9, he lived in Barcelona. His mother caught him a taste for sewing, hobby that grew when he started working as an apprentice in the workshop of the Angulo tailoring. In 1942 he opened his first couture house on Avenida Diagonal and presented his first women’s wear collection. Success came quickly and six years later, he set up a workshop in Madrid. The next step was internationalization. In 1954 Manuel Pertegaz took his work to the United States, and together with Elio Berhanyer, Cristobal Balenciaga and Pedro Rodríguez became one of the world's pioneers of Spanish fashion. 


Successful Pertegaz was again immediately and women around the world demanded their dresses and the awards, including the Oscar of the Harvard Couture, were crowding in his shelf. Manuel Pertegaz always worked in Spain (despite rejecting a proposal to take over Christian Dior designer after his death) and was part of the group of large needles as Coco Chanel, Valentino and Pierre Cardin


With the advent of prêt-à-porter in the 70s Manuel Pertegaz adapted himself to the change that it meant, but always maintaining the job of sewing. And he filled cabinets with cinema stars, high society ladies and celebrities. One of the great followers of the Spanish teacher was Ava Gardner, loyal to the designs of the popular fashion designer. Currently, one of the most memorable dresses was the design that Doña Letizia wore on her wedding day. A bridal dress that is for history and once again demonstrates the excellence of the work of the master Pertegaz. One of the greats.