Forever, Sita Murt

1 Dec 2014 - 00:00
Sita Murt

The Catalan fashion loses one of its referents: the designer and entrepreneur Sita Murt who died today at age 68 as a result of an illness. Linked in Igualada and the textile tradition of the city, the creator has devoted a success firm with a legacy of more than three decades. Sita Murt has been one of the textile brands promoters of Catalonia with a  large international presence: over two thousand stores across Europe.


Fighter, creative and tenacious

Sita Murt was born in 1946 in Igualada. Coming from a family linked to the weaving industry, the designer ventured into the world of fashion from a young age, performing studies in the Escuela de Diseño in Sarria. Her husband, Toni Esteve, was the manager of the family fashion business, Esteve Aguilera, and at the end of the 60s, the designer joined the creative design department. Gradually, thanks to her fighting spirit, Sita took creative and entrepreneurial experience to take over the business in 1984, after the untimely death of her husband.


Sita Murt en el 080 Barcelona Fashion


Since then, the firm took a turn positioning itself as a fashion leader in Catalonia. The effort and perseverance of Sita allowed the brand to be part of the catwalks of time as the Saló Gaudí of Barcelona. She also gave the international break and got out their designs on Europe's most renowned fairs like Bread & Butter Berlin or New York Coterie. In recent seasons, Sita Murt has showed at 080 Barcelona Fashion promoting her talent and creativity in this international showcase of Catalan fashion.


From the company, have deeply regretted the death of its creator in a statement: "Sita leaves a void difficult to fill: her energy, her charm, her vital attitude of living every moment intensely, the good and the bad ones,... will always accompany us". The company have also highlighted her courage: "A fighter, creative and tenacious woman who taught us to work with passion". On the future of the firm, the company have said it will continue the legacy and the mark left for Sita Murt: "we will do it for us and will do for her".

Forever, Sita.