The Gaudi Awards’ red carpet will be a party of Catalan fashion

1 Feb 2015 - 00:00

Although it will be on Monday 2nd that the 080 Barcelona Fashion officially starts, the day before we’ll live a preview of the best Catalan fashion thanks to the Gaudi Awards’ red carpet. Once more, the 080 designers work with the Catalan Cinema Academy dressing the local movie stars with their designs in a magic night for the cinema, and the fashion scene, which will take place on Sunday 1st of February.


One of the nominees for best actress, Aina Clotet, strengthens her connection with Menchén Tomàs and trusts the Catalan duo once again for a gala night. Actress Vicky Luengo is another who will be sporting one of their designs as well as the Academy’s President, Isona Passola. On the other side, Mercè Arànega, nominee for best supporting actress, will dress a David Valls’ look while the young actress Nausicaa Bonin will be wearing a daring design by Talia Baker.


Men also like Catalan fashion for their big night. Nominee for best director Claudio Zulian will wear David Valls while another director David Monzón, nominee for his successful “El Niño”, will opt for Miquel Suay. Armand Basi will be in charge of dressing Manu Guix and another key name like Antonio Miró will be the name behind the design of Ventura Pons, who will get the Gaudí Honor Award. And we’ll not only see Catalan fashion on the red carpet but also on the stage as the dancers of the Flow Center School will be sporting Custo Barcelona and Munich sneakers. Cinema, fashion and show, a never-ending alliance.