Katarina Grey's luxury from Versailles seduces New York

12 Feb 2013 - 00:00
Katarina Grey showcased ‘Decadent Opulence’ at the New York Fashion Week. Pic: Andy Kropa-AFP

Katarina Grey showcased ‘Decadent Opulence’ at the New York Fashion Week, a new collection arisen from the luxury of the Palace of Versailles. A preview of this work was shown at the 080 Barcelona Fashion. The 25-year-old designer from Barcelona gets established in the event with this collection. Katarina Grey introduced in September her first collection 'Number One' at the same time the Ney York City-based catwalk took place.

'Decadent Opulence’ was born in the inside of the Palace of Versailles, from its mouldings on the ceilings and walls, as well as from gold. These shapes, colours and materials combine later “in the shape of embroidery and ornaments”, explains Katrin Garí —which is her real name— to EFE. All of them decorate “rich and full-bodied fabrics to obtain volume”, she adds. Black, chiffons, long lace dresses and women's trouser suits predominates in the new collection. Golden ornaments, pleats and embroidery must also be highlighted.

After making her début at the 080 Barcelona Fashion and in New York, the young designer confesses her dream of showing her work in Paris.