8 Apr 2018 - 00:00

Over three centuries of Catalan fashion online. The Walden association, with the support of the Lluís Carulla Award, presents the Virtual Museum of Fashion with the aim to bring together this important Catalan heritage spread across forty museums on Catalan soil. In them, over 6,000 pieces of clothing are held and archived but only 5% of them are on display. The Virtual Museum of Fashion wants to give visibility to this wide heritage that tells the story of Catalan society through fashion, following other recent initiatives like We Wear Culture by Google.
The Catalan virtual museum launches with 642 items from the 17th century to nowadays, all of them with their description and details as well as information on each era. Beyond aesthetics and design, the Virtual Museum of Fashion shows the social changes through three centuries like, for example, the incorporation of women in the workplace with the name of haute couture women designers on the labels of exquisite 19th century gowns or the change from craftmanship to mecanic fashion.
The Virtual Museum of Fashion wants to gather a wide and varied selection; that’s why, its team, led by Laura Casal, the museum’s director, has visited 38 museums in total across Catalonia to pick up the most representative designs. They haven’t forgotten current fashion and have collaborated with Museu del Disseny for their collection of the fashion of today. Carlotaoms, Manuel Bolaño, Miriam Ponsa, Txell Miras… the winners of the 080 Barcelona Fashion are also present in the Virtual Museum of Fashion like the paradigm of the style of the 21st century. Avantgarde and heritage at the same time.