27 Jun 2019 - 00:00

Menchen Tomas has closed the second day of shows with “Cotton Club”, her collection for spring-summer 2020. Inspired by the iconic jazz club in New York, the brand has presented its most musical collection ever through designs in sequins, silk, embroidered tulle and cotton. The looks take inspiration from the 20’s era gangsters’ and bootleggers masculine aesthetics and from the feminine fluid gowns from the Great Gatsby age, when women took off from structured dresses to embrace their freedom.
In fact, women has been the protagonist of today’s shows at the 080 Barcelona Fashion, when seven collections have been presented within the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site. Emerging brand Killing Weekend has kicked off the runway with “Climb”, a urban style collection with oversize designs, aimed at a young audience that doesn’t label by genre and feels good in sportswear.
Afterwards, has followed newcomer designer Sonia Carrasco, who has presented “33.394759-124.969482”, a collection that references the coordinates of the Plastic Island, in the Pacific Ocean, to make us reflect on sustainability. With 100% organic and recycled designs, the designers has seduced with comfortable and contemporary looks in neutral hues like white, beige, khaki and navy.

Nous Étudions has also made its debut on the 080 runway as a guest designer this summer 2019. The international brand has presented a double fashion show: one natural and another one futurist, although both 100% vegan. The first part of the show has been a teaser of their upcoming collection to be presented in Paris for spring-summer 2020, inspired by the dry lands of the planet. Earthy tones, oversize designs and deconstruction technique define a selection of masculine looks that soften with the application of frills and the use of pastel tones.
The second part was the capsule collection that Nous Étudions designed for Nike. By the name “Nous Nike” we have seen on the catwalk functional pieces of technological fabrics and an edgy style.
Already in the afternoon, Aubergin has opened the runway with “Alter Ego”, which has taken the audience to New York in the seventies. Bright colors, prints with a psicodelic touch and designers that allongated the silhouette define a proposal strongly inspired by streetstyle that show a free woman of unique character.

After winning the 080 Emerging Design Award three times in a row, Mans Concept Menswear is back on the Catalan runway with “Night in Vienna”. With this new collection designer Jaime Álvarez keeps building his unique vision of menswear, with looks based on classic tailoring to which he gives a contemporary bold twist, applying frills, Arlequin-like necks or feathers. Silk and organza are the two star materials of this rich and daring collection, in a more sober palette than in other occasions, and which has made us fall in love all over again with his style.

The next one on the runway, before the closing with Menchen Tomas, has been Txell Miras, who has presented “Posthuman”. It’s a futurist proposal based on science-fiction that, as usual in this designer, combines traditional fabrics, like cotton and denim, with technical one and, even, plastic.