Mertxe Hernàndez's colourful fantasy

21 Mar 2013 - 00:00
Designer Mertxe Hernàndez

Colours, reliefs and textures. Spring has arrived in Mertxe Hernández's workshop, located in the heart of Barcelona. This time, the veteran Barcelonian designer gets her inspiration in Lewis Carroll's most famous story to illustrate a full of fantasy collection aimed to dress “a feminine and rather daring woman”. Although Alice in Wonderland follows Mertxe's unmistakable style, she adds to this specific work some chromatic brush strokes in order to welcome the warm weather. Collages, superpositions, serigraphs and frayed fabrics are her trademarks, and they are still present in this designer's latest collection, formed by forty different outfits. The creator does not forget her best-seller feature in her proposal for the spring: the black collar made of strips from various fabrics, “an elegant and groundbreaking piece”.


Mertxe Hernández's fashion is always related to art and she receives every season in her atelier a different artist from whom she drives inspiration to create her collection. This time, the paper collages made by the painter Julie Kuyath become the perfect marriage to Alice in Wonderland. Fashion and art are in line.

Alice in Wonderland is the new collection spring-summer 2013


An internationally renowned designer

Enthusiastic, determined and perseverant. Mertxe Hernández's designs “are an extension of her personality”. Working hard since 1997, this creator has forged a career which is rich in experiences, prizes and collaborations with Barcelona-related events. The design and production of various T-shirt lines as merchandising for Cirque du Soleil, Barcelona Tourism, La Pedrera, the Picasso Museum and the Liceu Theatre's shop must be highlighted among his latest works.

Persistance and fidelity to her own style are the key to her success. Actually, the particular style of this independent designer has won her the appreciation of both national and international press. The New York Times considers her to be an 'essential' designer in the Born area and defines her creations as 'refined bohemian pieces'. Today, Mertxe Hernández keeps leading her studio in the Born, which is visited frequently by foreign clients



Mertxe Hernández's designs “are an extension of her personality



 The black collar made of strips from various fabrics