Miriam Ponsa closed the 4th day of the 080

12 Jul 2013 - 00:00
Miriam Ponsa catwalk. 12th edition 080 Barcelona Fashion

Miriam Ponsa, winner of the last edition of the 080 Barcelona Fashion Prize presented her new collection 'Raiers'. The designer, from Manresa (Barcelona), unveiled the designs inspired by the ancestral trade of rafting, which consists in the construction of wooden boats and the transportation of goods along rivers. Ponsa worked the manual embroidery with silk, and applied a special treatment to the fabrics, wearing them out in the open once they were made. The loose shapes of the pieces are combined with more structured ones. Silk, voile cotton and resined linen and serge were the materials used. The colours chosen were hues of blue, green and grey. 


Josep Abril took the baton from Ruano to unveil his collection 'ICE SS#2013N33'. Abril, faithful to his style, suggested for spring/summer 2014 a sober and austere man. Black is the star colour of the collection, only broken discretly by petrol-blue in its different tonalities. Abril features “maxilevites” – asymmetric jackets – low-slung trousers with over-skirts and a sarong-skirt, done to achieve movement to the designs.


The designer Justicia Ruano opened the afternoon session on the 080 catwalk with the women collection 'The Beauty of repetition'. The creator, who works between Barcelona and London and can be characterized by her pure designs of soft and ornamental lines, proposed for the next spring/summer a collection that hinges around two concepts: movement and repetition. With this startingpoint, Ruano presented a series of designs representing repetitions with little variations, and gains the movement by using very light fluttery materials, like tulle and silks, openings, flounces and frills. The colors of the collection use the whole palette of pastel colours; right from the make-up, vanilla, yellow, mint, through to green and metallic.


'Californian Dream' from Yerse opened the morning catwalk with a collection inspired by the California of the 60s. Vintage floral patterns, ethnic embroidery inspired by surf culture, self-dyed fabrics, garments transmitting a certain hippy air of soft colors and pastel tones.


The designer Yiorgos Eleftheriades for his part unveiled 'Excessive stimulation of a specific fellow', a collection that gives a nod to postmodern minimalism, giving importance to the balance of the piece. Smart shapes, with detail in the cuts and similar effects in paper, in order to create an informal wardrobe, yet imposing at the same time.


The designer Guillermina Baeza paid homage to the colours, the bright light of Morocco and the creativity and harmony that its architecture reflects. 'Tangiers, memories of a mythical and legendary land', is the bathwear and lingerie collection she unveiled for the spring/summer 2014 season.

Yiorgos Eleftheriades catwalk. 12th edition 080 Barcelona Fashion