Miriam Ponsa opens her third store

30 Sep 2014 - 00:00

The winner of the last edition of the 080 Barcelona Fashion, Miriam Ponsa has chosen Girona to locate the third own Store of the brand (after Barcelona and Manresa). Located on the Ballesteries 38 street, the new space, will breathe the creative world of the designer, maintaining the commitment to authenticity, craftsmanship and proximity production.


The opening of the new store in Girona was not accidental. To Ponsa, "the charisma of the old quarter of the city is irresistible, you breathe history and contemporary at the same time, a very interesting creative mix." Manresa designer will take the opening scheduled for the next Friday to introduce the new Autumn-Winter 2015 collection called 'Sherpa'. The proposal represents a tribute to the carriers and Himalayan mountain guides inspired by their effort, toughness and camaraderie in extreme conditions. 


Miriam Ponsa has become a designer reference of the Catalan fashion backed by numerous awards. The latest proposal 'Women Mule' was voted best Spring-Summer collection by an international jury of 080 Barcelona Fashion. The fourth award received from the Catalan catwalk.