9 Mar 2016 - 00:00

The women’s fashion brand Naulover, which presents its collections within the 080 Barcelona Fashion framework, faces an international expansion this 2016. On the one side, they have signed an agreement with an important distributor in China to start selling their collection in the Asian country through multi-brand boutiques and corners in well-known shopping malls.
On the other side, the company has started working along with another distributor in South Korea and it’s in the last steps for its first opening in Dubai through a shop shared with another Spanish fashion brand. The opening is expected in April 2016.
Other expansion plans for the Catalan company focus on Mexico and Canada, where they already have made some commercial contacts to introduce the brand through corners starting next season. Regarding Europe, Naulover’s main goal is to increase its presence in Italy. All these steps will boost exports of the brand, which now represent 25% of the total turnover.