New alliance between the fashion industry and the academic world

23 Feb 2014 - 00:00
Maya Guerrero. FDModa
A new step has been taken towards the creation of synergies between the fashion industry and the academic world. The Superior School of Fashion and Design Felicidad Duce (FDModa – LCI Barcelona) and the Textile and Fashion Cluster of Catalonia have joined forces to create the Master Degree in Management and Direction of Fashion Businesses, which will offer the students internships in national and international companies.  


The degree, recognized by the University of Barcelona, is targeted at professionals who aim to start a career in the textile, fashion, accessories, perfume or cosmetics industries. Furthermore, thanks to the recent purchase of the school by La Salle International College (LCI), the Felicidad Duce School has now international branches in Colombia, Canada, Morocco and Indonesia.


After the union, the Cluster achieved one of its goals: to be part of the formation of the future technics, designers and managers of the fashion and textile industries, and stimulate the relationships between different companies in order to improve their competitiveness.




Maya Guerrero. FDModa