The new collection of Manuel Cruzcastillo

2 Jun 2014 - 00:00
Manuel Cruzcastillo. Spring-Summer 2014

The designer Manuel Cruzcastillo has presented the Spring-Summer 2015 collection in Krizia Robustella’s store, KR Backyard Store. Entitled 'MG 2.0', the new proposal represents the second part of the personal history of the Barcelonas designer. Remember that the first part, the MG collection, was presented in January 2014 at 080 Barcelona Fashion and it was inspired by his father. 


This time, Manuel Cruzcastillo has the support of Pau Roig and Javier Castan, creators of this new imaginary where design merges with the intimacy of the artist. The collection follows the aesthetic of the previous betting on black and white binomial to express opposite’s feelings and moods. The overlays, prints, experimentation in tissues and the play with volumes, already present in the next Autumn-Winter 2014-2015, win presence now.


Manuel Cruzcastillo. Spring-Summer 2014