15 May 2019 - 00:00

In the 080 Barcelona Fashion 23rd edition, independent designer Pablo Erroz broke new ground with his collection “Up to you”, in which he mixed summerwear with winterwear. With this approach, he shifted his commercial strategy to present his line as a “seasonless, individualistic and genderless quality clothing made in Spain for multitasking world citizens”. Hence, Pablo Erroz moved away from the season’s trends tyranny to present a more sustainable fashion, that doesn’t expire by the pace of social media it-pieces but build a personal wardrobe based on the style of its owner.

Pablo Erroz isn’t the sole 080 name that stands by this new position in fashion. Manuel Bolaño also stopped from the fast current trend pace in 2017, when he presented his seasonless line “Plan B”, in which he brought iconic designs of his career back to life and presented them in black in a collection designed to stand the test of time. It’s a project by which he pretends to bring the craftsmanship of old made-to-measure fashion to the millennial clients and that is now by its 4th edition, as the designer keeps introducing new fabrics and details in his iconic pieces to keep his loyal clients coming back for more.

In the last edition of the Catalan runway, we find two more names that join this new movement, each in his own terms. On the one hand, international designer Esau Yori presents a collection that, despite being considered for autumn-winter 2019-20, results timeless thanks to the use of high quality materials, a neutral color palette and offering classic pieces like the white shirt, the blazer and the eternal little black dress.
On the other hand, the emerging fashion brand 113 Maison is also a seasonless brand that focuses on the “creation of author hand-crafted pieces”. Her founders, Jorgina Carrera and Mariona Puig, are more interesed in exploring the construction of the designs than in the trends of the season. That’s why they are capable of offering a clothing line full of character and of imperfect finish that play with layerings and maxivolumes. 113 Maison presents looks that work both for men and women as, like Pablo Erroz, they believe in a kind of fashion that doesn’t have seasons nor gender.