'One in a year does not hurt'

11 Dec 2014 - 00:00

Like every season, Manuel Bolaño  studio opens its doors to offer a private sale exclusive to those seeking original designs to flood with personality their style. The most unusual, curious and unique pieces from the collections presented at the 080 Barcelona Fashion, will be presented and will go on sale from today until Saturday 13th of December.


The study also includes a showroom where attendees can discover the Spring-Summer 2015 collection as well as meet the designer in person.


With the leitmotiv 'A Bolaño in a year does no hurt’, this event that will be repeated annually, represents a unique opportunity to discover the evolution of Barcelona's creator, the details and symbolism of the collections of the last seasons related with his childhood memories and adolescence in Galicia.


Manuel Bolaño's creations are presented since four years ago in the 080 Barcelona Fashion and characterized by its striking, creativity and daring, always with a touch of melancholy. Collections that leave no one indifferent.


Manuel Bolaño studio. Calle Aragón 344, 3º1ª. Barcelona