Pronovias opens '50 Love Stories' exhibition

5 May 2014 - 00:00


Pronovias has unveiled the first event to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the global bridal fashion firm. The exhibition '50 Love Stories', located in the Convent dels Àngels in Barcelona, exhibits through 50 period pieces, history and love for the craft with which the Catalan firm opened its files for the first time to show its essence to the public.


Pronovias opens '50 Love Stories' exhibition
The special exhibition has had representatives of la Generalitat, Ajuntament de Barcelona and obviously, Pronovias group. Specifically, attended the opening ceremony Xavier Gibert, Secretari General d' Empresa i Ocupació; Raimond Blasi, Regidor de Comerç de l’Ajuntament de Barcelona; Alberto Palatchi, President of Pronovias Fashion Group and Genoveva Casanova, girlfriend of the firm and sponsor of the exhibition.


'50 Love Stories', love and commitment

Each dress is the dream come true of a bride and the 50 pieces in the exhibition go over the half-century history of Pronovias through the aesthetic evolution, changing inspirations, techniques, trends, historical events, the society of each time and the woman who once was the star of the dress. Thus, each of the Pronovias creations is explained by the model name; the year in which it was created; the name of the designer who developed the garment and the person who lend it to the inauguration.



President of Pronovias Fashion Group Alberto Palatchi, stressed his gratitude: "Above all, we are very grateful to all the brides for the trust they have placed in us. We are a family business of Barcelona and we are honored to have won the hearts of brides everywhere". He also added: "After 50 years we are better than ever, and we see our future with great enthusiasm".


The inauguration will be open until Saturday May 10th and marks the start of the celebrations for the gold anniversary of the bridal fashion firm Barcelona Bridal Week