Punto Blanco opens a new store in China

29 Sep 2014 - 00:00
Punto Blanco opens a new store in China

The brand of socks and underwear Punto Blanco strengthens its international presence in the Chinese market with the opening of a new store in the city of Shanghai, the sixth available to the Catalan firm in the Asian giant. 


The store in Shanghai wants to be a showcase for the brand that aims to position itself gradually as an underwear reference in China and thus open the door to new points of subsequent sale. So far, Punto Blanco has shops in the cities of Beijing, Shenyang (two), Qindao and Wuxi. 


Recall that Punto Blanco is a brand from Igualada that, since 1948, is considered a leader in the manufacture of socks and underwear. The company is also characterized by the high quality parts and innovations applied in manufacturing. This brand is also involved for years in the 080 Barcelona Fashion, exposing the latest in underwear.