A store full of art

22 Oct 2014 - 00:00
Continuing with his purpose of merger between fashion and art, Rafael Tous, brand director of Isabel de Pedro, and owner of Metrònom Barcelona, along with designer Isabel de Pedro, have opened the new exhibition "Tattoo" reviewing a selection of photographs, related to the tattooed body. 


The exhibition, of the artists Alberto García-Alix, Michele Curel and Antonio Flórez, coincides with the one being done at the Musée du Quai Branly in Paris on the same subject "Tattoers-Tatoues". The exhibition, will accompany the clothes until mid-December. 


At the same time, the designer Isabel de Pedro, presented the new Fall Winter 2014/15 collection, inspired by Peru. Bright colors such as cerulean blue, passion red, emerald green, mustard and purple, mixed with black and gray, typical colors of the brand. The body-hugging silhouettes, framing the female figure in some of the clothes and playing with volumes and overlap, in others.  In short, this is a very feminine collection and full of little details like the prints of feathers, stars, flowers, leaves and geometric lines that bring us back to the land of the Incas. 



In a retail space of 130 square meters, Isabel de Pedro sells her collections in an environment that has survived identities and different eras: the ancient trade hats of Joan Prats (1945) in Rambla Catalunya have been finally adapted to an art gallery that bear his name, restored by architect Josep Luis Sert in 1976. Currently, the establishment of Rambla Catalunya is nowadays a fashion boutique (now female), the Isabel de Pedro boutique, in which also exposes regularly and thematically the collection of Rafael Tous. Joan Prats is still present in the new store, both in the window and elegant high-crowned hats, donated by the Textile Collection of Antoni de Montpalau.