30 Jan 2018 - 00:00

The womenswear brand Sweet Matitos has closed the fashion shows of the second day of 080 Barcelona Fashion with “Winter Ball Season” for autumn-winter 2018-19 at Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site. The womenswear brand that made its debut last summer now takes us to a posh country house where everyone is getting ready for New Year’s Eve through enriched designs divided in four different lines that feature from winter flowers to breathtaking evening gowns.
In the morning, men’s fashion has been the focus of the first two fashion shows by Jnorig and the newcomer MANS Concept Menswear. The young designer Javier Girón has showed, with his brand Jnorig, “AW18”, a collection inspired by the mix of two cultures: the Inuir from the cold Northwester Canadian territories and the Semites of the warm Arabian Desert. The result is a line declined in white, grey and black in which a striated surface define a very personal proposal.
Afterwards, MANS Concept Menswear has presented the collection “Make America great again” based on New York’s school uniforms. Creator Javier Álvarez has fun with the mix of fabrics, as he works both with the classical ones from the tailoring tradition and technological ones in looks that undermine de college style and connect it with streetwear and a new tailoring where the original jackets are the key piece.

Oscar León has followed on the runway with his autumn-winter 2018-19 collection “I will do it, whatever you think” aimed at a strong and determined woman. The designers remains true to his bold and urban aesthetics as well as a dark and sober color palette, where black, grey, khaki are the main colors with a touch of beige.
To close the morning shows, Txell Miras has presented “Akelarre” inspired by the Holy Inquisition and witch hunts. The fashion show has kicked off with an usual staging and then has welcomed looks in white, grey and black with the typical asymmetries and layering of this Catalan designer now touched by an atmosphere of sadness and fear.
In the afternoon, Pablo Erroz has opened the catwalk with “Goals”, his collection for autumn-winter 2018-19, which closes the trilogy formed by his two previous collections. “Goals” revolves around aims and sums up in forward-looking silhouettes. It’s an agender fashion made in natural fabrics like leather and cotton which mixes styles and influences for looks that catch your attention.

Krizia Robustella has been the next one on the runway with “Trendy Flock”, a colourful satire to current youth. The illustrator Susana López has collaborated in this collection and we can see her drawings in sweatshirts and t-shirts, two key pieces of Robustella’s style.
For her part, Miriam Ponsa has increased the social critic with her collection “The salt march”, which, according to her, is “not only an aesthetic statement but also a political one”. Ponsa gets her inspiration in the historical 300 km march led by Mahatma Gandhi –muredered on this day 70 years ago- because she acknowledges her “need to capture the peaceful struggle for our people’s right to decide”. Tradition and innovation go hand in hand in this committed collection that features oversize silhouettes and the transfer technique on knit and pleated fabrics.

Antonio Miro has followed with the collection “Trekking” for autumn-winter 2018-19. It’s a proposal for both men and women which shows some nostalgic feel through knitted jumpers, capelins, wool trousers, raincoats and heavy long socks. Checked fabrics, striped shirts and padded designs go with tailored pieces, which recall the beginnings of this emblematic Catalan fashion house.