25 Jun 2018 - 00:00

It was one of the comebacks most awaited at the 22nd edition of the 080 Barcelona Fashion and it didn’t let us down. The womenswear brand TCN, founded in Barcelona in 1986, has closed today’s fashion shows at the Sant Pau Modernist Enclosure with its 2019 collection under the creative director Asier Tapia, mixing creativity and modernity with a craftsmanship touch and featuring from evening dresses to swimwear.
Swimwear has also been the protagonist in the morning. As one of the main new features of this 22nd edition, the organization has set up the 080 Barcelona Fashion Beach runway, a spin off of the official runway, to kick off the new edition. Located at the Club Patí Vela Barcelona_Red Fish, the runway was on Barcelona’s seaside, an idyllic setting to present the new swimwear collections of Como un Pez en el Agua and Guillermina Baeza. Como un Pez en el Agua has shown “Spalshdance!”, a beach couture collection that presents from bikinis and swimsuits to skirts, dresses and juumpsuits. Designers Raquel Pérez and Sandra Puig present fresh and fun designs, with details like frills, bows and cut-outs aimed to be shown beyond the beach.

For her part, Guillermina Baeza has presented a collection inspired in art and sport. Black and white are present in designs that sculpt the woman’s body, while embeded calligraphy add an arty touch that rends this collection unique. The colors of the sea and warm tones like wine, oragance and coral are applied to elegant swimsuits and bikinis, which reflect the essence of the brand.
In the afternoon, it’s been the turn of Oscarleon. The designer has presented “Simply Life” for spring-summer 2019, a line true to his style aimed at a urban and independent woman who dresses in a neutral palette of black, white and grey with strokes of red.

Miquel Suay has followed to present his new SS 2019 collection aimed to the man of today with key tailoring pieces mixed with avantgarde elements. In this collection the designer follows, for the first time, the agender trend as he has presented his designs with models walking in couples –man and woman- to show the versatility of his pieces.
Lebor Gabala has been the next one on the 080 Barcelona Fashion runway to present “Memories” for next spring-summer 2019. Designer Maite Muñoz gets her inspiration from the eighties but without the vintage effect thanks to the use of current fabrics. The boyish blazers are the star of the collection as they represent a timeless and basic piece of clothing, meant to wear in any occasion, from daytime to nighttime.