Txell Miras stars the KonventModa first edition

16 Oct 2014 - 00:00

The Konvent multidisciplinary project, located in the town of Cal Rosal (Berguedà) has prompted fashion as an artistic discipline with the creation of KonventModa, a new space dedicated to the Catalan designers to publicize the work of leading artists in the region generating a dialogue between artist, space and society. 


The first monographic edition of KonventModa is dedicated to Txell Miras, usual designer at 080 Barcelona Fashion. The choice of this creative of Sabadell lies in the fact that she iconic exemplifies an artistic, hipster and experimental profile, materially embodied in the aesthetics of clothing, away from convention. Indeed, the most distinctive features of the creations of Txell Miras are her conceptualization and abstraction as well as creating volumes and shapes with clothes that shun heighten the feminine beauty.


The first call will be held from the 17th to 19th of October at Cal Rosal with an opening session, next Friday, by Txell Miras where she will explain her career and the keys to understanding her designs. The activities will be complemented by fashionable concerts and performances by local artists. 



The philosophy of konventModa 

The approach presented by KonventModa relies on a wide and renewed vision of the world of clothing, far away from the more generalist sector. With some artistic principles, wants to spread the border spaces between craftsmanship and creativity, emphasize some daring criteria in a space full of memories and experience in the fabrics. In the coming months is expected the organitzacion of monographic sessions in this new space with other Catalan designers linked to 080 Barcelona Fashion.