7 Mar 2016 - 00:00

The Catalan children’s fashion brand Bóboli continues its successful evolution. After taking part in the 080 Barcelona Fashion catwalk -with hommage to David Bowie included-, bringing the shows to a close on Friday 5th of February, recently it has also been present at the fashion fair CPM Moscow, a good example of the brand’s commitment to the internationalization of the company. In fact, 40% of its current sales come from exports, with Germany, Italy, Portugal and Mexico as the main markets.
Thanks to this, among other factors, Bóboli earned € 34 million in 2015, which means an increase of 18% compared to 2014. The company wants to convert this noticeable rise into more points of sale, as it expects the opening of ten shops in Spain throughout the year. And it seems that the first ones will be on Catalan soil, as Bóboli has closed an agreement to open a shop at Barcelona’s airport, another one at Les Glòries shopping mall –also in Barcelona- and in Sabadell. Unstoppable.