When fashion merges with paint

8 Apr 2014 - 00:00
Manuel Bolaño. 'Bleu en Français'

Fashion and painting. Two artistic facets that sometimes intermingle thanks to creators who dare to cross borders in each discipline. This applies, for example, to the exhibition 'Bleu en Français’ by Manuel Bolaño and Miguel Leal  based in the creative process of the Spring-Summer 2014 collection of Barcelona’s designer with Galician roots.


The exhibition, opened at Mutuo - Centro de Arte de Barcelona, discovers step by step how fashion and art have evolved to create a series of unique and exclusive pieces. Fabrics, sketches, unpublished and discarded designs appear in the working of both artists to help understand the creative process in its entirety. In this sense, everything has a reason for being: the use of color -blue and pink- the impulsive strokes, the fabrics and the naif aesthetic that accompanied the two creators style.


In addition, along with a brief parade of some looks from the season’s collection of Manuel Bolaño, it was exclusively presented a T-shirt design -with the illustration of a heart- inspired by the new summer proposal. Art at its best.