Yerse close the penultimate day of the Catalan fashion event

30 Jan 2014 - 00:00
Yerse. Autumn-Winter 2014/2015
Yerse closed the penultimate day of the current 080's edition. The firm presented 'Own Heritage', inspired by the cultural heritage of the Catalan textile companies. In the collection,  the rural austerity was mixed with the metropolitan sobriety. Starting out from this idea, Yerse presented traditional cloth fabrics intertwined with tartans and Central European-inspired embroidery. Bulky hand-knitted jerseys, interlocked with other fabrics (a mixture of woolly and more technical fabrics) and flowery patterns also stood out. 


Zazo&Brull were the first to offer a show during the afternoon. Xavier Zazo and Clara Brull presented 'The End', their autumn-winter collection for men and women. In this collection, a futurist touch is added to the tradicional goth romanticism of the firm, bringing them closer to cyberpunk. 


For their part, Martinez Lierah presented their fashion proposals for the next autumn-winter season. 'Speedbird', for women, is a conceptual and elegant collection with bold lines and structured patterns, elaborated exquisitely and in detail. 


Justicia Ruano. Autumn-Winter 2014/2015


The collection 'Dualismes', by Georgina Vendrell, opened the day. It was based on contrasts, dual in the union of opposed concepts. The result instilled harmony and balance. On the other hand, Manuel Cruzcastillo presented 'Diàleg', one of his most intimate and personal collections, in which the figure of his father became his source of inspiration. 


Naulover went on with the show, presenting 'A punk in the Austrian court', a collection in which the style of the brand got influenced by the aesthetics of Elisabeth of Austria while mixing with the most radical punk. Mohicans and feathers merge with the European tradition.


Albéniz presented 'Cavaliere', inspired by the concept of winter and the punk movement. Sensuality, masculinity, cold, elegance and eccentricity were some of the characteristics of the collection. 


Finally, Escorpion closed the day with 'Rhapsody', showing an urban symphony of outfits. They featured contrasts, compositions and volumes, and were aimed at dressing sophisticated and versatile women. 


Albéniz. Autumn-Winter 2014/2015