Zazo & Brull man

19 May 2014 - 00:00
Zazo & Brull. Autumn-Winter 2014/2015

The new menswear line Zazo&Brull is not a flash of a day in nor an experiment in a timely collection. The brand, led by Xavier Zazo and Clara Brull designers, surprised in the last edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion with a collection dedicated to the man, hitherto unpublished in Catalan firm designs. The proposal liked and the creators have announced that they will continue. In fact, Zazo & Brull is seeking new outlets for marketing along with a new most basic line.


"It's a project that had long fancied doing but for a matter of time, we were putting it", says the designer Clara Brull. Indeed, "the male market is less collapsed and it allows opening new creative and commercial possibilities", she says.


Zazo&Brull man is elegant, discreet and has criterion. He does not like the exaggeration neither the stridency and knows what to wear at all times without complexes. "Inspiration is the same as the women. We start from the same concept and we develop a masculine man and a feminine woman”, says the designer.


Zazo&Brull is completing designs for next Spring-Summer 2015 collection. Though details are not revealed, what is clear is that the man “will have a prominent role in the new proposal", concludes Clara Brull. Secrets will be revealed soon.